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Company Profile
Viking Traders Ltd was founded by Mr.& Mrs. Ed Zephirin since Jan 1979
The name Viking signifies strength, invention and innovation (Vikings pioneered ship building in the Mediterranean which was eventually used by the Europeans to discover the “New World”) which is the hallmark of the top quality products being manufactured today.

A range of top quality products starting with Curry Powder (which is made up of 32 different spices), Black Pepper, Coconut Cream and Coconut Milk has now been expanded to include Caribbean Pepper Spice, Grenadine Syrup, Pepper Sauces (Dam Hot placed 1st in a competition of 275 Pepper Sauces in Albuqurque, New Mexico 1997) “Health Choice” Banana Ketchup and its recently launched pioneering product Banana Bar-B Que Sauce. The company also manufactures a very smooth Caribbean Liqueur “White Satin: Coconut Punch.

The Green Gold Coffee has won acclaim from Europe, Canada and America as one of the finest coffees ever tasted. To complement this exotic Coffee is a moist and wonderful tasting Rum Cake manufactured by Viking. It is free from preservatives.

Trout seasoned with "Caribbean Fish Seasoning" of Viking traders is for the family and for all the guests.

The company is HACCP certified and follows strict quality assurance and control procedures

To- date the company employs over 50 persons in its day to day operations and is currently expanding its operations to meet the increased demand for its products locally, regionally and also in the International market.


  • THAT COOKING SAUCE.................IT IS SIMPLY PERFECT, wow its piquant and perfect, I added it to a cheese sauce poured over pasta, egg plant and tuna........just stunning, its effect. I showed it to my neighbor as he is always looking for St. Lucian products to take back to the UK as gifts and I told him this would a perfect product which will say......Caribbean Cuisine with each use. Thank you for sharing, is it done in the larger bottles as well? How much is it by the case? And how many bottles? Thanks again. Roz

    I recently tried your banana BBQ sauce during a trip to St. Lucia and it is delicious. Do you ship to the USA? Where can I find your products in the states?
    Thanks, Tony

    I'd like to find out how I might be able to order some of your Green Gold coffee. We will be traveling to St. Lucia for our honeymoon in late October and I wanted to give my fiance a "taste" of what she should be looking forward to. Thanks, Dan

    Hallo! I´m very fond of your banana ketchup and wonder what is the shipping cost from you to Europe?? Sweden? Price?
    Sincerely yours, JR

    Please send ordering information ASAP! Starving for another St. Lucia Rum Cake -  Donna
  • Hello, where do I get your excellent Banana Ketchup in Germany, please? I ate it every day on an cruise, it was so delicious! Greetings from Hamburg.
  • My step-daughter and her husband brought it to us from their honeymoon in St. Lucia. Best Rum Cake we ever ate!!! - D Brown
  • I just got married last week in st. lucia and LOVED it. such a beautiful country with amazing food! Of course we bought banana ketchup to take home for ourselves and family and saw the website on the bottle while enjoying some on a snack! I would love to have a price list as i would love to order more! :) - Carmen B - USA
  • Greetings from England! We’ve just eaten some of your delicious rum cake. It totally cheered up our day yesterday. We think they should put it on the NHS menu and hand it out to all the sick pensioners to cheer up their afternoons. - Jane
  • My wife and I recently visited St. Lucia and had the opportunity to try your Banana Ketchup. It was wonderful. In fact it was so good; I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you. I thought to myself that if this stuff was available in the United States, it might actually be as popular as ketchup. - Robert USA
  • Hi. Do you supply any of your products in UK? I would like to get some more of your delicious rum cake and banana ketchup. - Angel
  • I recently visited St Lucia on a holiday. During my visit I tasted and fell in love with your Pepper Sauce and Banana Ketchup. Now I've used almost all of the stock I brought back with me and I was wondering whether it’s possible to buy your products via internet and have them shipped to Finland?
    - Mikko Finland
  • Hi, I was recently in Barbados and enjoyed your coffee beans. Are they sold in U.S., and where in New York area. If not, can I buy direct. Thank you. - Stanley USA
  • Hi, my wife and I have enjoyed your coffee on our visits to St Lucia but our supply has just run out. We live in the U.S.A.Thanks for your help. - Mitch USA
  • My daughter returned from St Lucia with a rum cake and had me taste it…and taste it...and taste it… WHOA. ...I can't get enough of it!. Is there a retailer in Ottawa, (Canada) that would carry your cake? - Paul
  • My name is Con and live in England with my friend Sarah. We visited St. Lucia two years ago and loved your Green Gold Coffee.

    We would like to know if it is possible to buy it in England anywhere and if not, if we could buy a small number of packets from you directly. With thanks. - Con

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